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Heat Lamp Heaven

Unless you have a broody hen to raise your chicks for you, a brooder box is necessary.  I made our brooder boxes out of really large plastic storage totes.  Just before we moved the chicks that hatched in the incubator to the brooder box, I went to double check that the box was ready for them.  I quickly found out what happens when it’s cold outside and you hang a heat lamp up in your bathroom.  At least she is black and white like her chicken siblings.


Snoozing in the chick brooder box.

Snoozing in the chick brooder box.



Merry Christmas with SNOW 2012

Here on our little place, Christmas is a lot like any other day since we have animals that require our care and attention.  The day started before dawn with thunderstorms, rain, and hail.  The dogs braved the weather to go out for a few bathroom breaks today, while the cats lounged contentedly in front of the fireplace (and wondered why those stupid dogs can’t learn to use a litterbox so they don’t have to go outside in the rain).  The chickens seemed to enjoy themselves while hanging out underneath their houses where they were sheltered from wind and rain while eating to stay warm and enjoying some kale as a treat.

The most surprising part of the day was the change from rain to snow.  Yes, the weather man predicted it, but the weather man is frequently wrong so I’m very skeptical when it comes to predictions of snow.  But we ended up with a little bit of a Christmas miracle and got to enjoy 3 hours of blowing snow before it got too dark to see.  It even managed to accumulate just a bit (although not as much as I would have liked).

After getting the chickens their special treat and then put to bed and making sure there was food out for the stray cat that has been staying in the barn, we finally got to start cooking Christmas dinner – and ate it around 9 pm. Now the animals are nestled all snug in their beds tonight and a fire burns on the hearth to keep us warm and cozy in the house.  Another Christmas has come and gone with blessings, love, and the miracle of snow.

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Merry Christmas!