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State Fair Adventures 2012 – Moo

Even cows love “Doc” Robinson.

We usually start our adventures at the fair by going through the livestock barns.  It’s difficult after all, to keep a veterinarian from looking at animals.  When people think of Texas, cattle (or steak) usually comes to mind.  So no big surprise that the livestock barns are usually full of cattle.

The week that we went to the fair, Brahmas were the “featured” cattle in the barn, with ranches, farms, and agricultural organizations showing off their best Brahmas.  Also known as “Brahman” cattle, they are a heat tolerant breed – making them popular here in Texas where our seasons are usually Hot, Hotter, Hottest, and Christmas. 🙂

The brown Brahmas tend to have a soft, silky look to them.

Probably one of the most famous symbols of Texas are Texas Longhorns.  No, not the football team –  actual cows with realllllly long horns.  So of course I have to add in the obligatory photo of the Longhorn that was on display at the fair.

Texas Longhorn. ‘Nuf said.

Even though I have seen cows being milked, for some reason I am always drawn to watch the milking demonstrations at the fair.  The milking demos are usually cram-packed with school-kids from the city that are totally amazed to discover where milk actually comes from.

Nope, no chocolate milk from the brown cow today!


State Fair Adventures 2012 – Goodbye to the original Big Tex

We managed to make it to the Texas State Fair this year.  Probably should have been at home doing chores, but every once in a while you just have to go have a little fun.  The weather was perfect: 70s, light wind, and mostly cloudy until mid-afternoon – almost unusually pleasant for October.  We saved $6 per ticket to get in by bringing empty Dr. Pepper cans with us.  I’m guessing that the Dr. Pepper company had a hand in this discount, so many thanks to them – the discount was enough to offset the ridiculous parking fee.

The original Big Tex, standing 52 feet tall, wearing size 70 boots and a 75 gallon hat.

The Cotton Bowl

This year the fair ended on a sad note.  The original Big Tex, the 52 foot tall talking cowboy that was an icon of the Texas State Fair since 1952 went up in flames (seen live on the news) just a few days after I snapped his photo.  I’m so glad that we were able to see him one last time.  His big booming “Howdy” is always neat to hear.  Fair officials say that Big Tex will be reborn and ready for the fair next year.

The Texas Star, the largest ferris wheel in North America.