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The First Incubated Chick Arrival

Exactly 21 days from the time we put eggs into the incubator, 3 fluff balls were born!  Absolutely amazing to watch a food (eggs) turn into a chick.  Four of the eggs were apparently infertile – we broke them open to determine why they didn’t hatch.  But the 3 eggs that did hatch are now week old chicklets living in our bathroom.

The first chicks born here on the farm.

The first chicks born here on the farm – just a few hours old and drying off in the incubator.

Now that we’ve figured out how our spiffy new incubator works, we’ll hopefully be starting in earnest to hatch more Javas once the egg production picks back up again. (Egg production  generally drops in winter with the short days unless artificial lighting is added to the coop.) 

The mostly yellow chick on the right is a Mottled Java.  The other two have more black on them and they will grow to be Black Javas.  Of course we had a few chicksn that grew to be non-standard colors called “sport” colors, so these chicks could end up with the even more rare Auburn coloring or the gold coloring that runs in the Mottled flock if they carry those genes from their parents.


21 Days and Counting – Incubator Test Run

First eggs in the incubator

First eggs in the incubator

21 days.  In 21 days we will hopefully have a few chicks emerge from their shells and grace us with their little peeps.  Our first adventure in incubating and hatching our own eggs begins with our spiffy new incubator.

We’ve been through the instructions (multiple times) that came with the incubator and set the temperature, the humidity level, and the rotation.  And now, tonight, we have our first 7 precious eggs warming up.  Of course I’m nervous.  The books say that a lot can happen to cause an unsuccessful hatch, things within our control as well as things out of our control.  Eventually we’d like to have one of the chickens go “broody” and want to incubate and hatch eggs for us, but until we are at that point, our little incubator will hopefully do a great job of turning and warming the eggs while the chicks develop!